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kalegregory's Journal
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Below are the 7 most recent journal entries recorded in kalegregory's LiveJournal:

Friday, July 16th, 2004
2:36 pm
Hey. im sad cause i really liek sarah colwell and she leiks me and another person and the other person asked if i liekd her and i was liek ya and he decided not to liek her anymore so sarah was sad and i thought we were gonna end as friends but we didn't...
Sarah is so amazing and really beautiful i liek her alot..
well thatz all

Thursday, July 8th, 2004
10:35 am
Heyz. whats goin on so i went skateboarding with Jesse H he got me so pissed off cause he couldn't ollie the 3 set at D.a and i was liek fuck you gay ass i can do the five set at A.A wright and he is liek ya but you cant do the 3..... HOW FUCKING GAY IS THAT.. lol so I went to the set and took a couple practice Jumps cause i haven't done a set in liek 2 months i just skated curbs and junk liek that.... So i went for a real try and i landed it and i was liek Fuck Guy what the hell buddy i thought i couldn't do it and he was liek ya rite you cant do it again so then i got real pissed off and did it again and i was liek Ya FUCK you gay ass then he was liek just trying to piss me off and he was liek i didn't see it i was liek ya rite you gay ass....... so i went up and 180 ed the set and i was liek damn guy 3 times in a row fuck im pro lol..... so he got pissed and he was liek ya im better than you and i was liek FUCK YOU YOU CAN"T EVEVN OLLIE OR POSHOVIT (he cant land one trick) So i got pissed and i was liek ok letz play pig he was liek i dont wanna play that and i was liek ill beat you in 3 moves 1st move.Ollie 2nd move POp shovit 3rd move 180 lol he lost and got pissed so we just kinda left eachother alone and did our own things without eachother then Bee showed up with Amber and they said they would be rite back it started raining but after the rain they got there then they said the wanted to go to MCDONALDS but we didn't go cause they were goin to see Daren and Jesse dont liek him after 2 mins i got on my bored and went to McDonalds and we had liek pop and stuff. After that we went to Sobey's but me and Jesse stayed outside and crashed eachother into walls and curbs with a cart then the manager came out and told us to get off the cartes and i was liek "FUCK NO FUCKER" and he told me and Jesse to leave lol we didn't he got pissed lol so me,Bee and Amber went to some stores and then I left went home and thats about it....

Kale luvs Bee
Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
12:48 pm
ok so today all i have done is wait for Bee to go online but she hasn't in liek 2 days I miss her *starts to cry* lol j/k wouldn't take it that far but hey what can ya do...
I will prolly call bee's today she prolly wont be home but its worth a try aint it????
Today is jesse's b-day ill prolly hit him cause he is older than me now!!!!!!
well gotta go
Kale luvs Bee
Tuesday, July 6th, 2004
10:19 pm
yea... So Today i was gonna hang out with Bee but she didn't call me so we didn't o well i guess she had something better todo but o well maybe next time .... I donno liek the last 2 days all i thought about was bee and only bee i donno why., itz weird ppl still come up to me and say why do you liek bee but i dont care what they think i liek her no matter what i dont care what anyone thinks or says about her.. so liek everyone who thiks negitivly about Bee can go blow it out their ass cause i could care less what you think...

Kale luvs Bee
*No matter what*
Monday, July 5th, 2004
7:31 pm
Hey just got in from outside with bee and Jesse H we went skating and then went to my favourite place in the whole wide world MCDONALDS lol it was funny i asked for sundae's but the icecream thing was broked then stupid me i asked for a McFlurry lol then he said again the ice cream thing is broke lol i bet your thinkin what a stupid guy it didn't end there i asked for a MilKShaKe lol but the guy said he would get me a milkshake after that we just walked around then Bee had to leave so i walked her home i wanted to put my arm around her but i donno i have this thing that i am afraid or something i almost did it but she looked at me so i got scared lol o well tomorrow i am supposed to go to the pet shop wit bee so i mite like just put my arm around her lol sounds kinda pussyish eh.... o well
Kale luvs Bee
Thursday, July 1st, 2004
11:40 am
hey!!! ya so just puttin another update on donno why it aint liek noone is reading theses i am just wasteing time and practically talking to myself lol o well.
so here goes Today i am supposed to go to Tiffany Haskell's house and then we are gonna go to the fireworks But i Already told bee i was supposed to go wit her. but hey thats b'fore i knew she did drugs..... Bee if by chance you read this i am sorry after we the Fireworks we are supposed to go back to Tiffanys but i donno i pretty much got my day planned!!!!!!!!!!!!!

12:17 am
Ello!!!! its 12:20 and i'm just puttin on an update today was pretty normal. except for 1 thing i saiw tiffany in a really hot outfit she is so hot man she is smokin!!!!
basically all i did today was go swimming cause it was to hot for anything else so thats what i did swim swim swim swim and more swim.
Oh ya today i asked Tiff out i hope she says yeah cause she is really cool and her personality is awsome. other than that today was normal

So imma go
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